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Friday, October 14, 2011

Creatures 1: Gen2

Haaaaaave you met Javas?

Javas is the newest member to the Albian world. Born on October 4th at 11:39pm. He is the son of Pollen and Justin.
I can already tell Javas is going to be a joy to raise. While teaching him new words at the learning computer he took a short break to devour...8 carrots! That's got to be some kind of record! Javas definitely gets the title of best eater.

Although Javas doesn't have any new mutations, he's inherited a few from his parents that are worth mentioning.

***** RECEPTORS *****
275: Creature, Sensorimotor, stagger, chem=Dancing, thresh=86, nom=0, gain=173, features=Analogue
274: Creature, Sensorimotor, stagger, chem=Alcohol, thresh=106, nom=0, gain=255, features=Analogue

321: Creature, Somatic, die of old age, chem=Ageing, thresh=5, nom=102, gain=255, features=Inverted Digital

154: Ado F Creature, Reproductive, I am fertile, chem=Crowdedness, thresh=0, samp=20, gain=7, features=Digital

275/274: The DDNA Analyzer is pretty clever to be able to pick up the first one; they're not even the same gene number!
I believe this was a gene that was tweaked with the Purple Mountain Norns that prevents them from staggering when drunk. Personally I like that touch so hopefully I can breed it out of the next generation.

321: The standard new gene in all my Norns allowing them to die of old age.

154: Technically I don't think this gene is even a mutation. I mention it only because when I look at it in the DDNA Analyzer it says this gene turns on in adulthood, whereas looking at it in the Genetics Kit is says it should turn on at the youth stage. If it does indeed wait until adulthood to turn on it's a mutation. Otherwise I think it's just a glitch.

***** REACTIONS *****
59: 3 0 Ado B MutDupCut   1*Hunger++ + 1* => 1*Hunger + 1*Punishment; half-life = 8.
59: 3 0 Emb B MutDupCut   1*Hunger++ + 1* => 1*Hunger + 1*Punishment; half-life = 8.

This gene comes from Justin, and Maelstrom has also inherited it. This gene usually adds Punishment with HungerIncrease, a concept that I think it a little wrong. Apparently Tabby agrees as she's had this gene altered to remove the Punishment.
Similarly this alters the gene so it will only turn on during adulthood

***** INSTINCTS *****
303: 16 0 Chi B MutDupCut Verb i/ps Left + (Lobe/Cell=0/0) + Drive i/ps Pain and I Left => 255*Reward
302: 16 0 Chi B MutDupCut Verb i/ps Left + (Lobe/Cell=0/0) + (Lobe/Cell=0/0) and I Left => 255*Reward

I'm a little worried about this one. Generally this gene rewards Norns for traveling left when the Hand tells them to. It appears this gene will only give that reward if Javas is also in pain. Definitely a disadvantage, but fortunately I don't use the 'left'/'right' commands too often.

Next upadte, I'll be introducing you to Enza.


  1. 8 carrots, hah XD Those sort of eating habits I thought only C3 creatures were capable of!

  2. Tell me about it! The best I've been able to get before was 3-4, and even that's rare. Having a Norn scoff that many I was on the edge of my seat :P

  3. Javas, you piranha! That might be a record: I know I've gotten some of my Norns to eat at least four or five carrots in a sitting, but normally only after they've been starving themselves in adulthood.

    The "Ado" life stage actually corresponds with adolescence, so this gene should be OK. Just for reference, the life stages that genes can switch on at, according to the Genetics Kit, are embryo, child, youth, adolescence, adult, senior, and old.