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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CCSF Blogathon Challenge: Day #2

Well I'm getting a little ahead of myself seeing as it's still only day 1, but I'm going to be out for the entire day tomorrow so I figured I'd get the post out a little early to make sure I meet my quota ;)

As I'm about to release my latest 3D wallpaper based around the Creatures games I thought I'd give you guys a look at some of the pieces I've made in the past. These babies are really old now and take me back to my beginning days working with 3D. 'Time to leave the ship' will be a great deal better than these, don't you worry!

C1 Incubator: Well, it kinda looks like the first incubator. Man these images are old :P

C2 Submarine: Who doesn't remember the good 'ol C2 Sub?

Snapweed: One of the very early Shee creations. This piece was based around one of the plants created by a character in 'The Shee Chronicles'.

First Incubator: Another piece based around 'The Shee Chronicles'. This here, is the first ever Norn egg.


  1. Wow, these images are amazing! I particularly like the C2 submarine and the first Norn egg. You have a lot of talent, Arch! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  2. Haha, going through old images can be a lot of fun; it's nice to see how far you've come since the beginning. Yet for being older, they are still quite nice, especially the norn egg!

  3. Haha, thanks guys. Looking back at these is kind of embarassing with how much I've improved, but if people still get something out of them then it's worth it.
    I'd learned quite a bit about 'Bryce3D' by the time I worked on the Norn egg. In fact I think it was one of the last images I made using Bryce before I moved on to more powerful software.

  4. Wow these pictures are awesome!
    Wait I should of read this tomorrow...