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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Creature 1: Gen2

I'm getting close to having all the Gen2 Norns raised into adulthood. Only three more to go and they shouldn't take too long at all. So I figured at some point I should actually tell who's made it into the breeding pool for this generation and who will become available for download to anyone interested.

First up, the females, as there is less of them and it's a little more obvious who's made it in. In no particular order, the female contenders are:

Mayflur: Although having a very small chronic sleep disorder, Mayflur also has a mutation that reduces the speed at which her Antibody3 dissipates from her body. Her physical appearance also made her a hot contender.

Stephanie: Other than having some PMN genes Stephanie is a perfectly normal, healthy Norn.

Enza: With her mutation that reduces fear rather than loneliness when being patted by the Hand, I'm really hoping Enza will pass on her mutation to a group of Norns.

Causty: Although she has a mutation that may make it impossible for her to recover from Antigen3 Causty has been a great Norn to raise and has just squeezed into the next generation.

Beatrice: A very ordinary Norn. No mutations and incredibly cute.

The males were a lot more difficult to choose from. Not only were there a lot of them but there were a lot of reasons to pick or not pick a Norn. Public opinion also played a strong part.

Trillo: Although I'm not a huge fan of the male Forest Norn heads, Trillo has some strong genes and was voted for by viewers.

Totem: One of my favourite of this generation, Totem does very well at taking care of himself, rarely gets hungry and is also incredibly cute. I've also noticed recently he can walk incredibly fast, outpacing most of the other Norns. I've no idea what causes this, but it's cool to watch.

Techie: Techie is a pretty ordinary Norn genetically speaking, although he does have a lot of the good Forest Norn genes. He takes good care of himself and rarely gets hungry.

Bonza: I never intended to add Bonza to the breeding pool, as his mutations are clearly detrimental to him. Although not as severe as I initially thought, his mutation should reduce his sexDrive and increase his anger. I think I may have over-sold his musical talents, making him a very popular Norn to my readers :P
Needless to say Bonza may need a little more attention than the other Norns, but he's also very interesting. Hopefully his children will either miss this mutation or they'll learn to cope with it in interesting ways as Bonza has.

Naturally as we have winners we must have losers. The following Norns won't make it into the breeding pool for generation 2, however I'll be adding a new page in the next few days where people can download them, along with a text document with a breakdown of their genetics. Here's to hoping they find some happy homes.


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  1. Yes three of the norns I chose!

    I really like Totem! I feel sorry for him having to see what will happen to him in the future.