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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creatures 1: Gen2 Update

Feels like forever since I last had a chance to play Creatures. It's even longer since I did an update.
I have been playing a little over the last month or so, but that time has been dedicated to raising up the last few Norns to adulthood and preparing them to enter to world together.

This is just a very brief update to say things are still trundling along, and to inform you of a (very small) setback I had.

Upon importing Totem to raise him to adulthood the poor Norn suffered an import death. I doubt there is any reason for this; probably a small bug in the game that crops up now and again.
What was interesting was that after importing and having Totem die on me, there was another 'Totem.exp' file sitting in my import folder. I'm sure this is related to the bug I discovered in one of my previous posts where some of the Norns weren't showing up in the Windows directory but would still show up in-game. I'm guessing the game is automatically and unintentionally making backups of the Norns when you import them, presumably due to some sort of administration protection whereby Windows duplicates the file on import, rather than removing it.
An interesting backup scenario, but not one I'd rely on. The following picture explains why.

I was quick enough that after dying, I was able to instantly import the duplicated file of Totem and strangely have the second Totem meet his deceased self. What's interesting is that it's not quite the same Totem. The second file is a younger version, whereas deceased Totem is an adult. Not to worry though, the Albian Space/Time continuum doesn't seem to have been affected.

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