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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Creatures 1 Gen2: Update

Just a quick one to say I've been away for the past week playing in a tennis tournament, hence no updates. Had an amazing week and came home with a very nice trophy and a little too much sunburn.

I've only been back a day, but I've taken the time to get all the Norns health back up to speed and imported them all back into the world. You can see them all here.

Most of them are sitting around the 5 hour mark now, although Beatice is quite a bit younger due to only being imported later in the run. She's currently around 3 hours.
All the Norns are doing pretty well, but I think some of them are getting to the forgetful age and starting to eat less. Interestingly the children of Tabby don't seem to be suffering this and I'm hoping it's due to their superior genetics. The females in particular are suffering, and none of them have the Forest Norn genes to support them. Fingers crossed the next generation will have a good chunk of Forest genes and none of the Norns will suffer this memory loss.

In other very sad news, Minimee caught himself an Antigen1 cold and try as I might I just couldn't get him to eat enough. I thought he had fought off the worst of it and I left to take care of another Norn, but sadly Minimee passed away next to the computer a few minutes later.

R.I.P Minimee

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  1. Great to see the Norns again! I've been attempting to speed up my time in the second generation, since it seems like we've been trying to stick close to the same time. I still have eight more Norns to hatch... Yikes! I'll definitely be trimming the numbers for the third generation. Too many Norns can be insane!

    Poor Minimee. At least he looks very peaceful in his final picture. You never can tell with these illnesses: Sometimes they're beyond mild, and other times they steal a life. I'll miss Minimee: He was such a nice part of the world. Hopefully the next Grendel will have some of his kindness.

    And finally, congratulations on the tennis tournament! I'm a big fan, although playing is another thing entirely. Coordination is not my thing. Ha ha!