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Monday, February 20, 2012

Creatures 1 Gen2: Update

I'm rather happy with my furry bunch as of late. When I first imported them all they very quickly started showing signs of bad eating/sleeping habits, but as they've dispersed themselves around the world their habits have improved dramatically again.

Techie has once again inhabited the Island, although this time he's stayed as far away as possible from the strawberries and saxophone. Taking to the rope bridge via one of the new lift COBs I installed he seems very happy to have parsnips brought to him and play with the beach ball off to the side.

Enza and Totem have also taken to the skies, although a fair distance from Techie. The two wander back and forth, partaking of the apples and using the cable cart. They seem to get along quite well, but no pregnancies yet.

Mayflur and Trillo haven't strayed too far from home and spend a lot of time in the garden; Mayflur in particular. Mayflur seems to be suffering most from age forgetfulness and needs a fair bit more care than the other Norns to get her eating and sleeping. She's still better than the last generation though, and we aim for improvement, not perfection.

Bonza has once again set off on his own and ended up near the distiller. Most of the hootch cans seem full, but I did find one empty one. Perhaps Bonza is remembering the good times he had down here with Minimee, when the two would get drunk and eat bananas. Ah...what a life.

Stephanie has taken to riding the underground cart back and forth looking at sea creatures. I've been really impressed with the recovery Steph has made. She's been eating and sleeping well, although I'm sure some of that has to do with her being alone a lot of the time. Typical of course, in this photo she's complaining of hunger!

And lucky last is Beatrice. Especially lucky because since I reimported all the Norns there's been a lot of kisspopping, but only one pregnancy. Amazingly I didn't catch this one until she suddenly sat down and laid an egg in front of me, so I can only guess at the father. My best bet would be Techie as he's been around the Island a lot, but certainly not a guarantee. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

And for interests sake, I've updated the Family tree again to add some additional details.
Green titles are Norns who were added to the gene pool.
Red titles are Norns who were excluded from the gene pool.
Blue/grey coloured portraits are Norns who have passed on.
Each Norn now has an extra panel below their portrait that has all their children's names included.
(F) = Female      (M) = Male.

Would love a roll-over feature to give a couple of interesting details about each Norn, but I think that's beyond this program. Still, got most of what I wanted and it seems easy enough to understand and navigate.


  1. I love when Norns naturally disperse themselves throughout the world and have some natural separation. It makes for much better eating and sleeping habits! I love your family tree: I actually made an attempt at creating one the other day in Spiderscribe, and I have to say that it's an excellent program. And free! The children of Tabby and Trista seem to be missing some links to their fathers, unless I'm not paying attention. Other than that, though, it looks awesome!

  2. Yes your right, a couple of the children are missing links to their fathers. Need to do one last go over my database and just make sure everything sincs up.