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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Creatures 1 Gen2: Pregnancies

Wow, what an exciting half hour or so of Creatures! I know I've already done an update tonight, but if I don't do another one now I'll have forgotten everything that's happened by tomorrow morning.
As you can probably guess from the title, there's been a ah...few more pregnancies.
I'd had a bit of a dry spell there, and with most of the Norns being around 5:30 and 6:30 hours I was beginning to think the number of eggs might have just about hit it's limit. But, perhaps unsurprisingly, Creatures surprised me. In the last hour or so of play I've had 3/4 of the female Norns in the world fall pregnant. With Mayflur being up to her 5th egg I thought I'd give her a break and bring in Causty again. Now she's pregnant. Including Beatrice's surprise pregnancy in the last post, that's 5/5!

Here are the pregnancies in the order they occurred.

Like Beatrice, Stephanie's pregnancy happened on the Island. And just like Beatrice's I once again missed the pregnancy announcement and have no idea who the father is! Another surprise egg.

Bonza found himself a very happy Enza to contend with. Having recently fed and slept she was very much in for a game and Bonza was happy to take part in said game.

Their fooling around has resulted in a lovely blue egg, which appears to have been quickly forgotten as the two ran off to continue their game.

Totem happened upon Mayflur up in the tree house. I'm not so sure Mayflur was in the mood, but it seems she'd gotten a little lonely playing in the garden all by herself.


It would appear motherhood has done her a great deal of good though. Perhaps it was the need to now be eating for two, but Mayflur has straightened up and started eating and sleeping exceptionally well again. I'm extremely happy, as she's a darling of a Norn and with 5 of the next generation being her eggs I'm hopeful they'll take after this happier side of their mother.

I decided to export Mayflur after her 5th egg and threw Causty back into the mix. At just the right time Totem was heading towards the kitchen for a snack and found himself a Norn to cuddle up with instead. Totem does a lot of travelling and spends a fair bit of time alone, but on those occasions where he meets up with the girls he makes the most of it!

And heavens above, while I've been typing this Enza has gone and got herself pregnant again!! I can hardly keep up with these little fuzzballs tonight. Did someone spike the hootch?

And Totem strikes again. I wasn't kidding when I said he gets the job done.

Here is the stack of eggs at the last count. Sitting here there are 13. There's also at least one egg that accidentally hatched, and I can't remember off hand if there might even have been two. Including Enza and Causty's eggs still to come that brings me to at least 16! Considering that only 8 Norns will make it into generation 3 I kinda hope there aren't too many more to come. Still, the more genetic diversity the better, and if nothing else other people will be able to give a good home to a lot of pretty cool Norns (if their parents are anything to go by).

EDIT: Not sure what happened with Causty. I could have sworn she was pregnant (the Observation Kit certainly suggested so), and I could have sworn the egg counter in the Breeders Kit was going up, not down. But its now reduced down to '1' and she still hasn't laid her egg as far as I can see. I didn't hear a kisspop with her and Totem, so maybe I got over ambitious. Right now though I'd say I made a mistake. That's still 15 eggs though, so I'm hardly going to complain.

EDIT2: I um...think I've found Causty's egg...

 On the plus side at least it hasn't hatched? Thankfully Stephanie randomly found this one hanging in mid air almost direction above the underwater statue in the ocean. I've heard of this bug before, but hadn't experienced it. I doubt I'll be able to get it down and the egg itself will probably never hatch. Fortunately I've found the genetic file and should be able to reproduce the egg from there.
For my own reference (coz I'm sure I'll forget which file it is), the .gen file is "8JOE.gen".


  1. Norns are adept at being co-conspirators in getting pregnant at the same time. As you well know, that makes us players have to keep an eye on all of the expectant mothers, as well as the laid eggs, to move them before they hatch. Everyone seems to be up to a whole lot of mischief, although it's nice to know there will be lots of Norns to choose from for the next generation!

    Oh dear: The dreaded egg glitch! I had this happen partway through my second generation, and I found that it seemed to cause a couple of other odd issues. Let me know if it seems like the selected creature gets a random injection of starch just by being selected... I'm curious if the two glitches are related. Hopefully nothing goes wrong, though!

    1. Uh oh, I've been watching my Norns starch levels in the science kit and at first I thought everything was dandy, but I've noticed random spikes without a Norn eating anything. Doesn't appear to happen upon selection, but it's definitely happening. Looks like I'll be starting a new world once I go for the 3rd generation.

  2. Maybe the norn will have flying abilities?

  3. For some reason I burst out giggling at that flying egg. What a weird glitch!

  4. @DiscoverAlbia: Oh dear, you've got me worried now. I haven't noticed any sudden downward spikes in hunger, but my Norns have been taking extra good care of themselves lately. I'll keep my eye out for the dreaded startch bug.

    @Pirate-rob: Funny enough Enza's last egg got laid in the submarine just before it set off towards the Island. This promptly made it jump up and sit on top of the water, but beneath the wooden platform. If you're logic is right, I should end up with a flying Norn AND a Mernorn!

    @Amaikokonut: Creatures has always had some of the more interesting glitches. From floating eggs to flying lemons, they're all pretty funny.