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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Creatures 1: Gen2

The new year is well under way now. The Christmas pudding was polished off weeks ago, so I feel it's time to dive back into Albia and continue my Artificial Life experiments!

Last night I finally raised all the Gen2 Norns to adulthood with Stephanie being the last to make the age bracket.

Annoyingly just as Stephanie reached adulthood I ran into a couple of glitches. I think the problem originated with a fight Steph and I were having with the submarine (she wanted to go to the Island, I wanted her to stay and play with Redrum, the Grendel). The sub dipped into the water, then stopped just below the surface. I managed to get it to rise to the surface again and the sub seems fine, but at the same time the cart rode into the scene in a position it just shouldn't be in.
I haven't yet figured out which of the two carts it is, but judging by its height I think it's the one under the carrot patch in the garden. I tried pushing a button to send it back where it came from and unfortunately it's decided it likes the giant tree root and has lodged there permanently.
If this wasn't bad enough, the game then crashed. Fortunately I only lost a few minutes of play and only had to wait 5 minutes or so for Stephanie to re-age back to adulthood. What was interesting though was how Steph looked when I rebooted the game!
Yes, that blurry glitch is her. Restarting the game didn't fix her, but fortunately exporting and importing did.

So that's my exciting return to Creatures. Annoying as it all is, the timing is actually pretty good as I'll create a clean world before importing all the Gen2 Norns again. Naturally I'll need to export Redrum too, and probably make a note of the COBs I have installed, but restarting a C1 world is vastly more enjoyable than restarting a C3/DS world.

So, I'm going to head off and do that stuff, and I'll let you know how all the Norns get on meeting all their generation siblings for the first time.

Final Breeders score: 13,172
6 Hatchery eggs
24 Natural eggs
Time played: 55 hours, 54 minutes.


  1. Goodness: What a mess of glitches! I had the cart problem happen to me at one point: The desert island one got stuck underneath the still, thus cutting off an easy access point to the settlement. I never encountered the blurry Norn glitch, though! I'm glad nothing caused lasting problems. That's one of the nice things with Creatures 1: Although the glitches are very annoying, they almost never cause serious issues. I look forward to your next updates!

  2. Looks like shes teleporting somewhere.