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Friday, February 3, 2012

Creatures 1 Gen2: First pregnancy

Well that was quick! Couldn't have been playing more than 15 minutes and we've already landed our first Gen2 pregnancy. The instant I imported Mayflur, Totem walked straight up and the two kiss-popped. It was almost as if the two had been waiting for each other.

Shortly after Mayflur laid her egg under the watchful eye of Redrum. Mental note to self, must remember to reinstall the 'Grendel Friendly' COB. Missed it in my world reboot and poor Redrum hasn't been making too many friends; at no fault of his own.

In other news, Techie has decided the garden patch has become too crowded for him and set off for lands afar. With only four Norns currently in the world (Mayflur, Totem and Causty) it may be a while before he sees another furry face again. Never to mind, he does seem to be having fun on his own and people always say you should make sure to travel while you're young.

Although I've only been playing with these guys for an hour or so, I'm really happy with how they're progressing. Interestingly all four of these Norns are children of Heartly, with the girls being daughters of Lillai and the boys being sons of Tabby. Between them they all have either strong genetics or parents who were good at taking care of themselves. And so far these Norns seem at least as good as their parents. Having the Forest Norn genes they don't need to eat as frequently and sleep better. My Norns do have a tendency to get worse with age though, so we'll see if this trend continues.


  1. Mayflur and Totem are adorable together! I'm at the point where I'm hoping my Norns decide to hold off on kisspopping for a little bit... So much to keep track of when you're juggling a pregnant Norn, a sick Norn, and a newly hatched Norn!

    I almost forgot about the Grendel Friendly COB in my world, too. At least Redrum has a chance at making some friends now! Maybe he'll find Techie on the other side of the world. The traveling Norns are always my favorites: It makes it seem like they're having their own adventures and enjoying Albia to the fullest!

  2. Yes Totem scores! He's my favourite norn in this wolfing run.

  3. Totem is one of my favourites too. Being a child of both Heartly and Tabby I'm hoping to get a few children out of him.