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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Creatures 1 Gen2: Finale

I'm afraid it's all done and dusted. While I played last night the final three Norns, Trillo, Stephanie and Totem all passed away.

I was very happy to snap this last photo of them all together. Even Gregor (who has continued to call himself Enza) managed to make it into the shot. And yes, would you believe that is yet another egg laying beside Stephanie. More on that later.

I was also quite happy to grab two quick shots of Trillo and Totem as they both passed the 12 hour mark. This generation has been quite long lived indeed. Hopefully it points to a stronger gene pool for Gen3.

Long life isn't all that's promised to Gen3, as Totem was at it once again with his libido. Being the only female left in the world, Stephanie was the icon of his affection. At 12:20 and 12:24 hours respectively this was a very late stage for another egg.

I took a quick look at Stephanie's Ageing chemical, afraid this egg might share the same fate as Totem and Causty's child. The chemical was extremely low, but I was confident she would have enough time.

Much to my relief this turned out to be true and Stephanie gave birth to the final egg for generation two. Gregor witnessed the momentous event and took to watching the egg grow while Stephanie rather quickly jumped on the boat and left the Island for a brief moment.

The egg had  barely reached hatching age and been moved to the holding place when Trillo took his final breath and fell asleep for the last time. Although he had been a fantastic eater all his life, Trillo's last hour or so had been a bit of a struggle. Still, the vast majority of his life was amazing and I've no doubt some of his children will continue the gene pool for a long time to come. He died at 13 hours and 10 minutes.

If you looked closely at the above picture of Trillo you would see that there is a sleeping Stephanie on the level above. Less than a minute after Trillo's death, Stephanie fell into the long sleep and followed Trillo on one last adventure. Although Stephanie had quite a bit of trouble eating later in life, she had an adventurous streak since birth and had traversed the whole of Albia in her time. She died at 12 hours and 40 minutes.

With Totem being the last Norn and having an extremely low Ageing chemical it was clear his time was nearly up as well. I knew it would take a lot out of him, but I wanted to take him back to his place of birth and see if I couldn't get him to meet one of his children before passing. I bundled him into the boat for his final adventure.

A little slow on his feet, Totem took his time getting to the piano. I would have liked to hear him play one last tune, but he assured me time was of the essence and kept walking.

A quick stop over in the garden and Totem recalled all the wonderful times he had spent here, eating Feverfew and playing with the bouncy ball. He was only 12 hours old, but his story was so long it broke the speech bubble. But that was okay, his goofy smile said it all.

We finally arrived at the kitchen where Totem had taken his first steps. The warmth of the fire and the memories lit his face with a grin. This is a Norn who spent most of his life with a smile. I can only hope his children are as lucky.

I picked an egg at random and hatched it, hoping beyond hope it would by chance be one of his. If you look closely at the young Norn there can be no doubt she is his. Aside from being female she has identical body parts. She is most certainly a child of Totem.

The ancient was very happy to see her, giving her a tickle and following her on her first steps.

Regrettably the moment was short lived. The newly hatched could not have been more than three minutes old before Totem took his last breath. He was 12 hours and 48 minutes old at his passing. He wore a smile all his life and many of the eggs below the incubator belong to him.

Totem will be dearly missed, but his spirit will live on in his children, as will all the Gen2 Norns.


Next post we'll start hatching the rest of the Gen3 Norns, get their genetic information and export them ready to start a fresh world! I won't do a full run down on their genetics yet, but if I find anything of special interest I'll make a note of it.


  1. What a touching ending to Totem's life, along with the others. I'm just about finished with my second generation Norns. It's odd feeling relieved that the generation is over with, but also feeling a sense of loss. May all of your Norns rest in peace as we look towards the next generation!

    How many third generation Norns do you have? I have no idea how in the world I haven't been paying more attention, but I have over 50. Goodness! That's going to mean a lot of adoptable C1 Norns!