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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Creatures 1 Gen2: Saved Egg!

Or more specifically, genetics file. It appears I was too quick in thinking I had lost Causty and Totem's final child. The baby's genetics file was preserved and with a bit of luck I'll be able to add another egg to the large collection. For future reference, the genetics file is '9SXJ.gen' as I'm sure I'll forget if I don't write it down somewhere.

This experience however, has brought up another issue I've known about for a little while and frankly I've been ignoring because it hasn't appeared to be (and still doesn't appear to be really) a big issue.

The genetics file of the unborn child, which is undoubtedly Totem and Causty by the creation date, lists Causty as the mother, but a Norn with the genetics file '1JCK' as the father. I have Totem recorded as '4QZG' and I don't have '1JCK' recorded at all!

I've opened up Creatures and taken another look at Totem's moniker and it appears that I did get it messed up. He is in fact '1JCK'. But this begs the question, who on Albia is '4QZG'!? I will have to hope this moniker comes up some time while hatching the Gen3 Norns, as it's left me quite perplexed.


  1. Hurray for saving the egg! I have a crazy spreadsheet to keep track of genetics and which files go with which Norns. It's mainly only crazy due to its size... I think I'm approaching fifty third generation genomes. Yikes!

    Did you happen to inject Totem via the Genetics Kit? Even if you load an existing genome, the game creates a brand new genome when an egg is injected. In effect, you end up with duplicate genomes, only named differently. If you use the D-DNA Analyzer, though, only the original can be compared with the parent genomes: The newly generated one does not preserve the parents.

    One way that you might be able to figure out whose genome it is would be based on the sprites: That's about my only guess, though! I like the C3/DS genome naming convention, since it's difficult to lose track of genomes for expoted Norns.

    Maybe 4QZG will forever be a mystery! It might also be the genome of a Grendel... I've had odd genomes that I couldn't understand before, then it hit me that Grendels have genes, too. Ha!

    1. Ooh, ooh I think you've hit on it there! At one point I reimported Totem only to have him die on import. Luckily I had a backup and added him back into the world. Most likely the game created a new genetics file, as the clone was technically in the world at the same time as the original. That would certainly explain a great deal.