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Monday, March 5, 2012

Creatures 1 Gen2: Update

It seems on any night I write a post where very little happens, I follow it with a post an hour or two later where a whole heap happens. There's a lot of news for this post, some of it amazingly good, some not quite so. Let's begin with the good news.

I was doing a regular round of health checkups for all the Norns when I noticed a massive grin on Stephanie's face. I hadn't seen her happy for quite a while, so a giant dopey grin, although welcome, was quite a shock. I quickly took a look at her health kit and low and behold she'd been feeding herself.
At first I couldn't figure out what would have made the old Norn start eating again when she decided she would show me.
She had been spending the last 15 minutes or so around the hives and as I watched I saw her eye off one hive before hearing a smacking sound as she took her fill of honey. A brief moment later she did it again. Then again!
I still can't get the poor dear to eat any actual food, but she's fairing quite well for herself gorging on fresh honey.

Seeing this I thought perhaps some of the other Norns could learn from Steph's example and I hurriedly brought Beatrice over, as she has been having the most trouble eating. Unfortunately Beatrice's hive hunting skills aren't up with Steph's and she gets herself stung pretty much every time.
But then, a borderline miracle! Beatrice started eating again! Ordinary, everyday honey and carrots. I've no idea what those bees did to her, but whatever it was they seem to have stung her back to reality. Although she still needs a lot of care, Beatrice will now periodically eat without my needing to prompt her. Thank you bees!

In less happy news the second generation has taken it's first blow. Mayflur passed away just short of the Deathcap mushroom. I can't be certain it wasn't the mushroom that killed her, but the plant was in tact when I found her. I'm hopeful she passed away peacefully.

Mayflur lived to a ripe old age of 8:56. Although it's not as old as some of the other Norns it can hardly be sniffed at, and she certainly lived a good, happy life. I haven't been keeping a strict record on the number of eggs, but Mayflur has at least 5 eggs beneath the incubator, so I've no doubt her legacy will continue.

Shortly after, Enza followed her friend into the great beyond, but not before taking on last scenic tour. By complete chance Enza passed away atop the underwater cart and travelled back and forth a few times before vanishing.

Although he was sad to see her go, I think Gregor was happy to have her pass his way one last time before departing. The two had gotten so close during their time together that since her passing Gregor has adopted Enza's name for himself. Either that or they've developed some sort of symbiotic/possessed relationship.

Enza has at least 4 eggs to her name. Genetically speaking she wasn't as tough as some of the other Norns, but if her eating habits get passed down to her children I'm sure they'll fair quite well.

Amazingly though, there is still some more good news. As dumbfounded as I was to see it, the two eldest Norns in Albia have fallen pregnant! Techie and Causty spent the last hour or so of their lives together with a periodic kisspop, but at long last Techie got the job done!

Amazingly, Techie was 10:41 hours at the time, while Causty was an even older 10:46 hours!

Naturally I was terrified the effort of laying an egg as this age would be the end for Causty, but I'm happy to report she has successfully laid her egg without an issue. She seems to have even started eating better again as a result.

As I was so amazed at this late pregnancy I decided to take a look inside Techie. I was absolutely astounded at his fertility levels!

You could be forgiven for thinking the boy was fresh out of adolescence. I also took a look at Totem who I imported upon Mayflur's death and he too shares Techie's fertility. These boys are simply amazing!

Regrettably, it seemed the effort took too much out of Techie rather than Causty and the ancient passed away shortly after seeing his partner lay her egg. I was quite touched by their partnership as the end approached.

Seeing Causty was pregnant I quickly isolated her to bring her health back up. I turned away for a minute and found the two back together again. They only separated after Causty had laid the egg, at which point Techie walk off on his own and died a few minutes later.

Bonza wasn't present at Techie's death, however he did come by very soon after to pay his respects. Beneath the Graveyard app, Bonza is saying "sleep". Strangely enough, both his Sleepiness and Exhaustion levels are low, but his hunger and boredom both very high. I can only assume he is saying goodbye in his very limited language.

Techie lived to an astounding 10:54 hours. I haven't kept tabs on how many eggs the males have, but I imagine he'll be second only to Totem.

With only 6 Norns remaining I can see the second generation coming to an end shortly. Then again, those Norns that are left have started taking better care of themselves. I've no doubt I still have a few short hours left with this lot.


  1. Man, Techie is persistent! Pity about his passing. Where he and Totem brothers?

  2. Yup, Totem and Techie were brothers all right. Same mother and father (Tabby and Heartly). Totem is still kicking at present and although nothing has come of it yet, he's still finding time to get in the occasional kisspop at 9 hours and 30 minutes of age. Those two really are machines!