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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Creatures 1 Gen2: Update

Amazingly all the Norns have survived another weekend, although that's probably got more to do with the lack of play time.

Still, Techie and Causty are both over 10 hours old now and even Totem has finally slipped into old age. He's still a good eater, but he's sleeping quite a bit less now, which is the reason for his less than happy expression. Either that or he just noticed the grey hairs.

Trillo has also fallen into old age at 8:50 hours. He's looking a little frail and has slowed down with his good eating habits. He still eats when no one else is around, but just about any distraction is an excuse these days.

Stephanie was the last to hit visible old age (Enza and Beatrice don't appear to have hit it yet, but it's nearly impossible to tell with their Pow-wow Norn bodies) and took on a lovely head of silver hair.

Stephanie was a bit of a fussy eater before and she's only got worse in old age.

Two Norns who are doing very well are Enza and Causty, pictured below. Enza went through a bit of a bad patch but I think Gregor has been rekindling her love with food. Causty has been a good eater since her last pregnancy and even old age isn't holding her back at present.

Totem is currently taking a time out from the world, but both he and Techie are still doing very well for themselves.
Bonza and Beatrice are probably fairing the worse. At least Bonza will still eat with a little coaxing but Beatrice has got to the point where the only way to get her to eat is to give her a slight tap on the bum. She generally eats straight away after that, so I think she still remembers how to eat, she just chooses not to most of the time. It's particularly sad because she's the youngest of the lot.

Nothing new to add at this point. Things are going along casually. On some very rare occasions I hear a kisspop, but unsurprisingly at this age nothing has come of it.

The world is well overdue for a reboot with small bugs cropping up here and there. As well as the periodic injection of starch I've noticed the Norns struggle to eat the Swamp carrots every now and then. They go to take a bite but for some reason the carrot doesn't get eaten. Doesn't happen too often, but with Norns who are struggling to eat more and more it's only making habits worse. I look forward to a clean start with Gen3.


  1. Aww, Trillo looks so cute in old age! I imagine you've had a couple of laughs over the difference in size of body parts in older Norns. I hope the starch glitch goes away for you in your new world: To my dismay, I've noticed that it still exists in my brand new world. The only other thing I've thought of, besides a glitch that affects all worlds, is that one of the COBs might have something to do with it. I somehow doubt it, but I would love to look into it more. Might involve lots of testing... Not knowing is quite frustrating, though!