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Friday, March 30, 2012

Creatures 1:Gen3 - Hatchlings

It's taken me a couple of nights, but I've finally gone through and hatched each Norn for generation 3!
There's 21 Norns in total, 12 males and 9 females (very good balance of numbers). Although I haven't gone through and done a full genetics analysis yet I have taken a quick glance and there's some interesting stuff in there.
From Norns who reach breeding maturity earlier to Norns who become cold while relieving crowdedness to a rather nasty brain mutation, this generation promises to be exciting.
One thing I've noticed is that Totem's genetic appearance is quite prominent in this generation. There's a whole heap of Pixie Norns with Forest Norn legs. Although it's a combination I really like it'll be a little difficult to tell them apart.
But that's okay, I intend to add a little genetic diversity to this generation by adopting one or two Norns from the 'CreatureLink' over at Discover Albia. Hopefully that'll be enough to keep appearances unique.

So, in no particular order here are the candidates for Gen3, followed by their parents names.

Clark - Stephanie, Totem

Bucca - Causty, Techie

Raiden - Causty, Techie

Shizzan - Enza, Totem

Pix - Enza, Totem

Milton - Mayflur, Totem

Mia - Causty, Techie

Hannah - Mayflur, Totem

Spunk - Enza, Bonza

Trish - Stephanie, Totem

Sprinkles - Causty, Totem

Ryan - Stephanie, Totem

Elton - Beatrice, Trillo

Stubbs - Mayflur, Bonza

Davis - Mayflur, Bonza

Toff - Enza, Bonza

Seebal - Mayflur, Techie

Totlet - Unknown, Totem

Clowen - Stephanie, Totem

Desirey - Causty, Totem

Joe - Causty, Totem

Much to my amazement Trillo seems to have only had the one child. I'll be double checking this as that just seems wrong, but that's what the genetics files say.
Beatrice too only has the one child, however I know I have two photos of eggs she laid, so that's definitely not right.
There is however a Norn with an unknown mother (Totlet), so perhaps that's Beatrice's other child? The genetics files don't match up, and although I have a genetics file for Totlet's mother, that file doesn't have any parents so I have no way of figuring out who she is. Apparently I'll need to be more careful with my record keeping.

So, we welcome the newest Norns to Albia and wish them luck. Naturally I'll be spending a little time with each of them once I've restarted the world and I'll do a breakdown of them and their genetics then.

EDIT: I went ahead and cloned the unknown mother via the Genetics Kit. Thankfully the Norn that popped out has a very distinct appearance and there's no doubt it's a clone of Beatrice. That's not surprising as Beatrice was cloned when I added her to Gen2 (she had been part of the previous wolfing run and had died there). How exactly she ended up with two children that linked to the different genetics files I have no idea, but there's no doubt it's her. Mystery solved!


  1. Lots and lots of Norns! You weren't kidding about the dominant White Haired Pixie Norn heads: So many! I've added a few more C1 Norns to CreatureLink this morning, and I plan on continuing to add everyone slowly. I still have about twenty to hatch, but the second half has a much smaller number of White Haired Pixies. Hopefully you'll find one or two who would make nice additions to your world!

  2. Welcome, To Totem's army of Clones!