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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Creatures 1: Gen3 - Family Tree

Just a quick update to throw up the new family tree for Gen3. Still haven't made a decision as to who will make it into the next breeding round so all the Norns have been left uncoloured.
Not sure if I just missed some tools or if there was an update to SpiderScribe but I've tweaked the layout just a little.
Rather than nametags the Norns names are now displayed in their pictures along with a '(F)' or '(M)' for their sex. This cleans up the layout a lot and means less nodes for me to build!
There also seems to have been a few extra colours added, so red is now deceased, yellow is a non-breeder and white is currently alive and available for breeding.

I've got a good chunk of pay from my biggest job recently (being a freelancer I only get paid once a month and the pay varies depending on how much work has been done) so I've been spending some of it on new games!

If you're into pretty games I'd definitely recommend 'Trine', both 1 and 2. I played the original a year or two ago and recently finished the second. It's a puzzle game with a bit of sword slinging. Amazing graphics and frankly it's just fun to play. Only about 8 hours to get through the whole thing, but at $15 ($7.50 when I bought it on special) it's well worth it.

I've also spent the weekend playing 'Tera', a new MMO about to be released. Can't say there's anything amazingly special about the gameplay, but again it's incredibly pretty. I haven't played an MMO since World of Warcraft and it was quite enjoyable.

There's a two week break before Tera is officially released, so I've got some Creatures time coming up. Looking forward to getting back to the fluffy little critters.


  1. Lol Totem is nearly responsible for every single child XD

    1. No kidding. That guy really went nuts. I'm planning on stealing a couple of Jessica's Norns to diversify the gene pool.