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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Grendel Sculpt

Hi guys. Sorry for the delay in getting the texture work on the Grendel done. Honestly I'd finished the texturing months ago, but just couldn't come up with a good composition to put the Grendel in. I'm still not really satisfied with the final result, but I know if I don't put something out soon I'll never put anything out, and that would be quite a shame.

Posing characters and rendering in zBrush isn't nearly as easy as doing it in Maya, but there's a whole heap of extra work involved in getting such a detailed character out of zBrush and into Maya and right now I don't have the time or the energy to get that process going.
Perhaps at some point I'll return to this and get all that set up, which would then mean I could animate the Grendel rather than just having still images. But that's a large project and I've got more than enough of those on the go.

So for now, please enjoy the Grendel mother guarding her collection of eggs.

If anyone is interested I might post some close up images of the texture work, similarly to how I showed off the original sculpt.

As per usual this work is done for the Creatures Community. Feel free to share it around and use it however you would like. No restrictions. A link back to the blog is appreciated, but not necessary.


  1. So I missed this, blogger feed being spammed by discover albia and all. Wow, that looks amazing! And scary... No wonder the shee didn't like the grendels! O_O

    1. Haha, all good. Discover Albia and other blogs are doing a lot more updates than I am lately, so probably a good thing.

      I was kind of hoping to get a slightly more dramatic pose and enhance that scary element, but my inexpereince with zBrush got the better of me. Take note though; although she's a scary bugger, she's only scary because she's being protective ;)

  2. Oh, haha, I thought those were eggs she had stolen! But I suppose they're a bit ugly to be norn eggs XD