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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Genetic Manipulation : Update

Just a quick one to keep everyone updated on progress.
I've been doing some wolfing run tests with the new Perfecio breed and they seem to be coping reasonably well. There are however, a couple of shortcomings.

1. As usual, the Norns are infatuated with each other, often to the point of forgetting to eat. At least they all still seem to be sleeping quite well.
To overcome this I'm trying to reduce the intensity and significance of seeing another Norn. With a bit of luck if I lower this enough they'll still be quite interested in each other, but not to the point of forgetting to eat.
I'm also switching one of the sleeping genes so that other Norns talking should be less likely to wake up a sleeping Norn. They'll still be able to be slapped awake though, and they'll still respond to the Hand's voice.

2. The other major problem is once again with eating properly, but I'm not sure it's a genetics issue. The Norns that all seem to be the hungriest are those in relatively remove locations with limited food supplies. The problem isn't that there isn't food there, it's that the Norns often have issues accessing it.

For example, the Island seems to be a bit of a starvation death trap. Although there is plenty of food there, the only one they have constant access to are the strawberries. Honey pots run out, vendors are often unintuitive (for Norns) and the blue flowers by Jessi can't actually feed the Norns unless the Hand pushes on them to drop the flower head. And since C1 Norns don't have a sense of smell, if they're on any other level they don't know how to find the strawberries!
This is a real problem and one I've found with a lot of 3rd party COBs. The only solution I can think of is to create a set of new food/herb COBs myself and make them so the Norns can more easily use them. Perhaps that will be my next project.

Under ideal circumstances, such as the garden area where food is plentiful, these Norns seem extremely good at taking care of themselves. They're well rested and eat by themselves. Naturally having a large group still has its issues, but a small handful of Norns can get along without interference very well.
That said, this is still no substitute for good training early on. The first generation Norns I gave some basic tutoring to are generally performing much better than their children.
I think with some basic training these Norns will prove very robust for many generations to come.

One of the cool things about the CCSF is that smack bang in the middle of it is my birthday! I turn 26 on the 8th of November, which is currently in two days time. You might want to swing round some time on the 8th, as I may have a little gift of my own.

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