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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Old artwork

In the continued spirit of updating this blog I've done a big update to the artwork page. Previously this was the 'Time to leave the ship' page, which only had the one piece of artwork.
The page now houses both the 'Time to leave the ship' and the 3D Grendel sculpt I did a while ago. These you are probably familiar with and should be much easier to find now.

In addition to those I've finally uploaded all of my (very) old 3D Creatures fan art. I did these many years ago and the quality is...a tad lacking. But you may enjoy them and at the very least you may get a good laugh out of them.

As with all my Creatures based work, the images are free for you to use in any way you like. Use them as wallpapers, as parts of your own website/blog or tear them apart and use the pieces to create your own works. It's all completely up to you.


  1. Very nice, ArchDragon! Even the ones you noted as lacking in quality look really good to me. I remember creating some random 3D images way back in the day with my dad... Furthest I got was creating a colored sphere, which I thought was the best thing ever. Ha ha! Thank you so much for sharing your Creatures artwork with everyone!

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