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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Breeding restrictions

I made a post over at in regards to a few of the issues I was having.

It turns out Amaikokonut was the creator of the agent I refereed to in my last post. The one that stops Norns breeding unless they are adults. This, as well as a few other breeding limiters can be found at

Keep in mind these are only CAOS code, and you will need to save it as a .cos file and inject them manually.

I've actually spent a good deal of time reading Amaikokonut's blog. It is an interesting read and there are several good agents scattered throughout the posts.


I will be injecting the 'Infertility' agent before I start the run to only allow Norns to breed at the adult stage. Depending on how well they breed I will consider adding additional agents until I can find a stable population level. Hopefully one exists.


The other major issue was with the lifts. The current thought is that some metarooms are not set up to allow CA (smells) to waft throughout the room, making it impossible for Norns to know what objects are on floors above or below them, and thus means they'll very rarely use the lifts.

Will need to do some tests to confirm this. I have no idea how I'll go about fixing it if this is the problem. May need to consult with Moe on the C2toDS project and consider exchanging the Burrows metaroom to the C2toDS room once the issue has been resolved.

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