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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Observations: The world

There are several things that bother me about the world.

Most pressing is that in a lot of addon metarooms the Norns seem to have little concept of the lifts being there. They will activate them when prompted, but otherwise ignore them. I understand this is probably partly due to the CFE genes that try to slow this down, but even a CFE will go up and down levels to feed or breed. In both the C2toDS and Terra Nornia this seems to be a prominent problem and I'm worried will effect my migration plans. Norns will spend their whole lives in one area because they are unable to move on, and may end up dying off as a result. This would obviously be unfair to them as it may not be their fault.

I have tried using the insta-lifts and have had the same results.

Some git forgot to add call buttons to the lifts in Terra Nornia! This will only make my lift issue worse. Must try and find a way around this...

Although a really awesome addition, the crobsters are near impossible for a Norn to get at. Most places with water are either inaccessible or death traps. The pond in the Norn terrarium seems to be the only viable place. They also seem to die off a little too quickly, although I have no issue leaving a few dispensers around the place.

The bees in Terra Nornia get stuck, which is quite disappointing as they are pests and I would have liked an excuse to include some of the trappers in the world. Seems largely pointless now.

The Norns breed too often and too early. I've managed to get some of my first generation Norns pregnant at the youth stage before I've even managed to get all my population ready.
I believe there is an agent that prevents Norns breeding before adulthood. Must find that again. Should also look for additional methods of slowing down the breeding as I'm sick to death of having 50 eggs laying about. Slows down the generation turn over.

I've noticed a glitch where some seeds from the Norn Garden fall into the Norn terrarium. There must be another such glitch as the tubas have found their way into the room and I don't recall including them. Oh well, I'm perfectly happy with some natural progression.

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