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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The first day


So after raising all the first generation Norns to breeding age I've imported all of them again and placed them in their initial starting zones. Bondi's in Terra Nornia, Treehugger's in the Norn Garden, Hardman in the Norn Terrarium and the Toxic's in the Jungle.

When I'd exported a few Norns they'd already managed to get pregnant, so even after injecting Amaikokonut's new population controlling agent I got a couple of eggs. As well as that there were a handful of additional pregnancies and all in all there are six new babies running about. So far all the breeding has been within the set tribes.

Avenge has been busy, fathering Mist with Vapour, and Zap with Petew. Both are males. Echew better catch up quickly or his genes wont make it to the next generation.

Crunch and Masha have birth to a son called Munch.

Sandy and Skit have given birth to a male named Kit.

Clove of the Treehugger tribe has been busy also, fathering Fern with Chloe, and Walker with Luchi. Siric, my eldest of the tribe will need to pass on his genes shortly too, as he's already over 3 hours old and doesn't have long before reaching old age.

I've started keeping a family tree over at At present it seems to work alright, but given sufficient generations and multiple children in each I can see the layout getting very messy indeed. This wouldn't be so hard if Norn's were monogamous, but having multiple partners really makes things tricky.

Other Creatures

Nothing to report on the Ettins. They've just been doing their thing.

The Grendels have been a little more busy. I currently have two new baby Grendels, each sharing the C1 and C3 genes. The babies look quite odd to say the least. The most horrible part is that the body parts don't match up nicely and I've got floaty chunks of Grendel.


World Observations

There has been a dramatic decrease in the speed of the world. Having all the Norns imported at the same time, as well as having Terra Nornia and C1 injected is really having an impact.

I've closed down the warp and disconnected from the Internet, but honestly it makes very little difference. I will have to consider removing C1, although I'm not entirely sure if it can be removed when created with a new world.

Considering the only connection to Terra Nornia is by teleporter, and the Norns reluctance in the past to use these devices I may consider removing Terra Nornia and moving the Bondi's to the Meso instead. Now that Terra Reborn has been altered to work within a docked world I may consider injecting that instead.

On a mostly irrelevant note, I killed off all the default lifts that come in Terra Nornia and replaced them all with insta-lifts so they all have call buttons. So far none of the Norns care and avoid them.

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