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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Observations: Norns

In addition to the first days reporting, I also wanted a brief summary of what the Norns have been doing in the world.

Hardman Tribe: So far all the Hardman's have stayed in the Norn Terrarium. They spend most of their time complaining about their anger issues. Hopefully some of them will venture out into the world for some Grendel hunting and discover the other Tribes.

Bondi Tribe: Unsurprisingly the Bondi's haven't travelled far either. Considering their only access to the Shee Ark is via teleporting I don't expect this to change any time soon. The four adults are busy on the far right side of their island, leaving the newborn, Kit, to fend for himself on the left side where he hatched.

Treehugger Tribe: The Treehugger's also haven't moved terribly far. But with two new babies in the Norn garden and certainly more to come, they are already starting to get a little crowded. Hopefully this will force some of them to vacate in search of less crowded pastures.

Toxic Tribe: The toxic tribe has no doubt been the most interesting. Starting their run in the jungle, they have quickly spread a lot wider. Upon giving birth to Mist, Vapour travelled all the way from the jungle to the Norn Meso to lay her egg before leaving to return to the jungle again.

Mist began life alone, but after a quick few feeds he too has begun his journey back to his parents, although at present he's sleeping in the Capillata Hub.

Petew too tried to make the journey to the Meso, but only got as far as the bridge before laying her egg that would later hatch Zap. Fortunately most of the Shee Ark is populated with stinking stump plants and detritus is plentiful.

At present Echew and Avenge have joined Zap on the Bridge and Vapour has returned to the jungle.

This naturally occurring migration will be interesting to watch, especially if the Treehugger's expand their borders and move into the Toxic's hatching area. Perhaps some children will meet there and stick around for each other's company.

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