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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Norns Introduction

I have several Norns from a previous world I intend to bring in, but for the most part these will be generation one Norns. There are two female and two males for each breed.

Bondi: Sal, Sandy, Skit and Flick*
Treehugger: Chloe, Luchi, Clove and Siric*
Hardman: Dayna*, Masha, Crunch and Rail.
Toxic: Vapour, Avenge (Still need to hatch two more).
Chichi: Currently not in game.

Additional: Harbert, Joost, Taret, Risen.
These Norns are from a previous run and are all around generation 15. Harbert has a nice red tinge. Joost is quite an interesting Norn, as he has managed to develop a Grendel torso by natural means.

*These are the Norns from a previous world. They are all Generation 1.

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