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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Observations: Norns


As I haven't played with the creatures mall breeds before I was really happy to see some striking differences in personality. These observations may be obvious to anyone who has played before, but I'm finding it all very exciting.

The Treehuggers, as expected are a little fragile. Not so much that they've got sick, but they get crowded very easily. At first I was worried they might have had issues breeding, but this does not seem to be the case, at least within their own breed. Will be interesting to see how they fair with the other breeds.
I love the way they push critters and plants. I'd love to know if they get any stimulus out of it, or if it's just instinctive.

I'm personally growing very attached to my Bondi Norns. They do seem to sleep a little more than other breeds as advertised, however I love the fact they spend all their time playing with toys. In the past all my other Norns have been obsessed by gadgets and it's refreshing to find Norns that actually like to play.

The Hardman are obviously a very angry breed. What I find interesting though is that they only hit Grendels until their angry is resolved, whereas Grendels seem to keep going until the Norn is dead, regardless of their emotional state.
They can also take a serious beating. Any other breed would have been dead a long time ago after the fights these characters have.
Their main emotion is anger and they spend most of their time trying to get rid of it. Obviously Grendel hunting is a good method of releasing their rage. The other method is expressing their anger, which means they spend a lot of time standing around telling each other how angry they are. At least when hunger or boredom kicks in they try and relieve that before going back to complaining about their anger management issues.

I've only just started playing with the Toxics and they are quite tricky compared to the other breeds. I managed to kill off my first hatchling (RIP Chuck) and I've got no idea why. He did seem to get a little obsessed with the tubas rather than his detritus which may have been the cause.
The other thing I've noticed is that when lonely they seek out Grendels, which I wasn't expecting. It's obviously instinctive because neither of them have met a Grendel, and yet they still went searching for them. On the plus side it will help migration. On the down side they may end up dead.

All the new breeds seem vastly more likely to use dispensers as a source of food, something I've never managed to get through my other Norns head, even the CFE breeds.

The Banshee Grendels seem a lot more fragile than the originals. I've had very few make it to adulthood. But then again no one has been taking care of them either.

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