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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SAM6: A better world?

This will most likely be my last post regarding SAM5 as I'd like to start a new world where there is more variety in my Norn's genes, rather than them all being pure Toxic.

So here is the final result from the SAM5 family tree.

There's been a few new additions to the family, most of whom I've exported for use in SAM6. I was also extremely happy that a new crossbreed was born just before I started mass-exporting.

Bracken is the son of Cocoa and Kit, which makes him the only surviving child of the Bondi family, mixed with the incredibly successful genes of Zap's prodigy. Being a half Toxic there is no guarantee he'll survive long but if he does hopefully he'll have brought Zap's breeding traits with him. Depending what he prefers to eat will determine whether he starts in the Bondi or Toxic starting area.

I'm not entirely sure how many of the exported Norns will make it into the new world as there's far too many of them to start with. Perhaps I'll include them as anomalies that will be imported into different starting areas at random intervals.

My next post will most likely be about the new world set up for SAM6.

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