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Thursday, June 17, 2010

SAM6: Setting things up

I've gone ahead and abandoned SAM5. I've grabbed a few of the youngest Norns from the world and I'm currently setting up my tribes in SAM6. Here is the Family Tree so far.

Treehugger Tribe:

I originally had the Treehuggers set up in the Norn Garden again. After a relatively short time though I found all the animal life had died off. The big blue fish died before laying eggs in the pond, so the fish life is just about gone (Scratch that. Another fish turned big and will hopefully lay eggs this time). The tomekos have always been a small problem for me and this time they've died off in record time.

Without critters to keep them entertained the Treehuggers seemed to get depressed pretty quickly. They seem to relieve certain stresses like fear through pushing critters (although I haven't tested this with the biochemistry set yet).

As a result I've moved things around a bit as the Norn Terrarium has fantastic animal life and the Treehuggers seem a lot happier. For anyone who is interested I'm using some patches that enable the ecology in the Norn Terrarium to thrive. It's called the 'Woodland fix pack' and can be found at 'Creature Haven', along with several other fantastic fixes. It is still advised to keep the door near the learning room closed though. Oh, and the CFE breeds can be found at Creature Haven for anyone who hasn't found them yet.

As well as the Treehuggers I've hatched two Apple Norns for a little more genetic variety. That and I want to test them out in a run.

I've also loaded the Norn Terrarium up with 'cuddly trees' to try and make the Treehuggers more relaxed. So far it seems to be working.

There is a portal (interporter agent) connecting the Norn Terrarium to the Norn garden, which is already seeing a fair bit of use.

Bondi Tribe:

The Bondi's are currently set up in the Norn Garden as it's about the only place the Norns can get at the Crobsters, although they do mostly seem to leave them alone.

As a bonus I've thrown in the C1 carrots which seem to grow just about anywhere and make sure there is a supply of constant food.
Other than that there's a bunch of cool toys, and as mentioned the portal between the Garden and Norn Terrarium.

Hardman Tribe:

The Hardman are set up in the Meso. The major addition to this room is the training dummy (set to Grendel) and a smell emitter (also set to Grendel). This simple addition seems to have made my Hardman a great deal happier. When I wasn't looking one of them has even managed to get pregnant already, so I'd say this was all that was needed.

I've also installed the Grendel update for the Banshee Grendels, which gives them some new voices and places an egg layer in the Workshop, so that should please the Hardman to no end.

Toxic Tribe:

The Toxic tribe is completely made up of Norns from the last run. If their ancestry is anything to go by they should all be very good breeders. Once again I've set them up in the Jungle.

I was also happy to note that the Stinky Stump vendor can be used without having to first inject the Stinky Stumps, so breeders can have complete control over where they are placed. They're mostly in the Jungle, but several have been spread across the world in strategic places, such as near the ant nests in the Norn Terrarium.

Chichi Tribe:

I'm still a bit all over the place with this tribe. The main issue is I don't currently have anywhere to put them. So I've decided I will import/hatch new Norns when one of my first generations dies. This will start with some random creatures from previous test runs who will have a mixed bag of genes from all the free breeds (chichi, Bengal, bruin, fallow etc) and then resort to hatching some new chichis.
I'd also like to add I want to give Harbert a run, as he's magically developed a Grendel body without genetic interference.

Grendels and Ettins:

Not much to add about the Ettins. The desert has been set up with a good supply of food stuff and if they ever bothered to stay there I'm sure they'd love it. No such luck of course.

As mentioned I now have the Grendel update installed so Grendels will also hatch closer to the Meso. Whether or not they and the Hardman end up killing each other off is yet to be seen.

I'm also in the process of testing out an update for the C1 Grendels. Previously my Grendels would get floating body parts when they reached adulthood and I've been informed there is a fix for this. It can be found at DiagnalFish under 'Grendel Fix'. I can't vouch for it yet as my Grendels haven't reached adulthood, but I'm fairly confident it should work. No idea what will happen if they decide to breed with the Banshee's at some point.

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