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Saturday, September 4, 2010


My apologies for not having updated for a while. I've had one of those rare deadlines I get in my job and I've been pushing to get a heap of work done over the past week, so no work has been done on 'The Island'.

I have to be honest and say it may be a while before any significant updates are made; not because I don't intend to work on it, but because the work that's to be done next will be all code based and there wont be a great deal to show.

I'm at a stage now where I need to get the Norns to work. I only intend to make them good enough to interact with their world. Realism isn't one of my goals, I'll be leaving that to people who are much better equipped to deal with the problem. My intention was and still is to make a prototype game to show people this game could work in 3D and that people would be interested in playing it.

Although I haven't done any work lately, I have been speaking to a few people in the community who's brain/genetic experience vastly surpasses my own and I'm starting to get a good idea of how to code the little buggers. Still a long way to go, but at least I have some contacts now and progress should be made a little quicker.

Thanks for your patience. Unfortunately life can sometimes distract you

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