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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Creatures 1: The run begins P2

It's been about half an hour or so of play and we have some lovely new children running about the world.

First and foremost we have a new Grendel in the world. Although I haven't taken the time to name the reptillian, he has been assimilated by the group of Norns and has even spent some time at the computer learning their language.

Here is the first egg of the run. Don't be fooled though, this egg belongs to Lillai, who didn't quite make it into the shot. Grace and Pollen watch over the egg as Lillai goes to grab a bite.

Shortly after Grace and Pollen also lay their first eggs. Laid at almost exactly the same time, which one will hatch first?

And the race is on!. Both eggs start squirming at nearly the same time. I've no idea who will hatch first!

But on another front. Lillai's egg has finally hatched! Say hello to Beatrice. She is the daughter of Lillai and Heartly, and is the first Norn of the run.

And the blue egg hatches first! Meet Troll, the son of Grace and Heartly. Goodness, Heartly has been a busy boy ;)

Moments later the third egg hatches and out pops Jake, the son of Pollen and Tony.

This now puts the population up to 11 Norns. I'm not certain, but I think I've got room for one more baby now. Fingers crossed it will be Tabby's, but despite the kiss-popping, there's been no new pregnancies for a while.

More updates coming soon!

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  1. Like father, like son...the resemblance between Troll and Heartly is astonishing. Lol. The differnce in attitudes upon hatching between Jake and Troll is also interesting.