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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Albian Chronicles

Well the CCSF has drawn to a close for another year. Just in case you thought day 14 was the end of it though, can I encourage you to take one last look at the website. I think it'll be worth your while ;)

I also have another release to make, even if it is a little late. I know from personal experience how annoying it is to have stories come out in little bits and bites, so now that I've padded out my CCSF blogathon entries, I'm releasing the completed chapters of my Creatures stories for all to read.

I've made part 1 (Creatures 1: As life began) and part 2 (Creatures 2: The restoration of Albia) available to download from my website.

At the moment I'm still keeping a lid on part 3 (Creatures 2: The great Grendel rebellion) and the epilogue (The Shee Chronicles) as they're both unfinished and I have finally started writing them again. That said if people really want to read them and don't mind that they're incomplete I'll make those available too.

The two parts are in '.doc' format and can be downloaded here:

Creatures 1: As life began

Creatures 2: The restoration of Albia

Also check out the new page I added to the blog where you can download a copy of the wallpaper I made for the CCSF.

Enjoy! Oh, and if you do read them, let me know what you think ;)

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  1. I will definitely read these at some point but I have no time now. But knowing you, they are sure to be good.