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Monday, February 27, 2012

Creatures 1 Gen 2: Update

Just another quick update. Several more Norns have fallen into old age. Bonza and Mayflur have recently taken their place amongst the elders, with Bonza turning at 7:30 hours and Mayflur at a youthful 6:57 hours.


In old age, Bonza has taken on this amazing habit of star gazing. Interestingly enough this doesn't appear to be a gait or pose mutation, it's just something he's started doing since he got his greys. He does this regularly, regardless of whether he's sitting still or walking.

I was quite worried about poor Bonza for a while, as he caught himself one of the worst cold I've seen in my worlds. As you can see from this shot he as Antigen2, two different unknown toxins and HistamineB not shown. Antibody2 rises very slowly in the body. Fortunately Bonza's health only ever dropped to around 60% and he's made a full recovery.


From this photo you might think Techie has taken to the female ways. Don't be too disturbed though, Causty is just out of shot to the left. Including the one lost to the skies, I believe this is her 4th.

Totem has just hit 9 hours and still has his good looks. He's either going to live to an impossible age or he may never get wrinkles. Looking at their 'Ageing' chemical though, all the Norns look like they're just about on par for life left.

As they succumb to old age the Norns are slowly becoming less frequent eaters. Fortunately Totem and Techie don't need a lot of food and seem well off most of the time. Mayflur amazingly is still a good eater despite her age. You just need to drag her away from her toys for a brief moment.

Enza and Trillo eat on and off. Not enough to be considered good eaters, but enough I don't need to worry about them too much.

Beatrice regrettably has become a terrible eater. She'll simply sit and look at food saying "Beatrice food" periodically. About the only way to bring her to her senses is to give her a light slap which perks her up for a moment. Sadly it only lasts until she feels hungry again.

The Norns are all averaging around 8 hours now. I've been fortunate to not experience any deaths yet, however I can only imagine they are not far away.


  1. I believe the issue with Bonza is due to incorrect positioning in the body files of the male Banana Norns: I also experienced this pose, and if he passes away when he is laying down, his head should also be positioned upwards. If I had any idea how to mess around with the .att files, I would try to work on a fix. As it is, I rather think it adds some character! Sounds like your Norns are still doing well in old age... Mine enjoy having eating contests, and then seeing who can go the longest without food!

    1. That wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. Bonza had slight issues with his head placement, even at a younger age. Strangely, the placement issue was completely different, with his head being a little too close to his body. I'll keep my eye on his children and see if the problem persists.