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Friday, February 24, 2012

Creatures 1 Gen2: Old age and pregnancies

Old age and pregnancies, although in this case not the same Norns.

One on side of the world, Techie finally succumbed to old age at ~7:30 hours. Amazingly though his testosterone levels are still incredibly high (almost full) so I've no doubt he could still father some more children if the desire takes him. I've no doubt this has to do with the excellent way he takes care of himself. I almost never need to feed him as he does it all by himself.

It's rather impossible to tell when the Pow-wow Norns hit old age, but considering she's pregnant again and only 6:42 hours old I think Enza still has a little bit of youth still left in her. I missed the actual kisspop, but Totem had been pursuing her for some time, so I'm pretty sure this little red and yellow egg is half his.

Oh, and on a random note, the now full sized Grendel you see in the strawberry patch is Gregor. He seems to spend most of his time on the Island and lives predominately off strawberries. He seems a pretty good eater, and will often munch away on the berries even with a couple of Norns present.

As I've been typing this I notice Techie isn't the only Norn to hit old age. Causty here has literally just turned at exactly 8 hours old. And it's okay, she's just sleeping. If you look really closely you can just make out the little 'z' above her now wrinkled eye.

I've exported Stephanie again to give Mayflur another shot in the world.  She's only 6:30 hours old, with plenty of time left to have another egg or two. I'm kind of hopeful most of the Norns will just live out the rest of their days with minimal pregnancies though.

Amazingly Totem, the eldest Norn in the world at 8:16 hours still hasn't hit old age. I'm sure he can't be too far away, but I've no doubt his excellent genetics and casual lifestyle has led to his good looks in later life.

I've got most of this weekend free and expect to get a fair bit of Creatures time in. With the current age of most of the Norns being around 7:30 hours I won't be surprised if we start to see the first Gen2 Norns passing soon. I've rather bonded with this second generation, so I've no doubt this will be quite sad but I am really itching to see some of their children in the third generation.

I'm also looking forward to starting a new world when Gen3 begins. Unfortunately I've experienced one of the most annoying bugs in C1, the starch injection. Periodically Norns receive a completely random starch injection, lowering their hunger and in all probability teaching them bad eating habits. I'm happy to let this go until the end of Gen2, but it's something that will potentially mess up Gen3.

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  1. Norns sure do know how to continue getting pregnant, even as they start to get older! At least it seems like your Norns are generally good at taking care of themselves, though. Most of mine enjoy getting distracted, and take forever to pick up a morsel of food.

    I'm also attempting to speed up my time with the second generation... Although I love meeting the new ones, I can't wait for the third generation!

    Ugh, that starch injection glitch is the worst. I should caution you that it happened in a previous world, and even with a brand new world, it continued to happen. The only thing brought over was an imported Grendel: I might ensure that I start completely from scratch, and I might even try out a test world to make sure the glitch is gone. I'm not sure why it would stick around, though: It's the most annoying thing in the world! My best suggestion is to keep one Norn selected most of the time, if possible: This ensures that the glitch only affects one, rather than randomly handing out starch all the time.