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Friday, February 3, 2012

Creatures 1 Gen2: More pregnancies!

After another hour of playing I have 8 of the Gen2 Norns in the world and for the most part they seem to be doing pretty well. Unfortunately due to the import limit of 8 Norns, Beatrice has yet to be imported. I know there was a reason I wanted to have 8 Norns each generation!

Causty, Stephanie and Enza have all fallen pregnant now, with Causty being the next to lay her egg.

Causty and Techie have shacked up together on the Island. Causty joined Techie shortly after I started playing and the two have been almost inseparable since. Upon Causty becoming pregnant Techie seemed to freak out and jumped on the nearest tunnel cart out of there. I didn't realise Causty was pregnant and brought him back to her. Since then their relationship has matured and Techie seems to have taken to being a future father quite well.

Upon importing Enza and Bonza there was a bit of a group reunion, with Stephanie, Trillo, Totem and even Redrum enjoying the large gathering. This eventually resulted in Stephanie falling pregnant. At first I wasn't sure who the father was, but taking a quick look at his sex drive I was pretty certain it was Totem. This will now be Totem second egg. I'm not sure Stephanie has taken kindly to the pregnancy. Her first reaction was to run away from the group and after a quick nap she seems to have kept running towards the jungle area.

No more than two minutes later I heard another kiss-pop and Enza was also pregnant. This time I was confident it was Bonza, as now both he and Totem's sex drive were drastically reduced. This is great news. Only a couple of hours in and I'm already halfway to my minimum number of eggs. The future looks bright for Gen3.

Watching the Norns over the last hour it's becoming clearer who the best survivors are likely to be. Totem almost never eats, and although his life-force does tend to sit a little lower than everyone elses he's constantly active and never has any complaints. With his second child already on the way I have high hopes for him.

It looks like Stephanie will need a fair bit of extra attention. She only has Horse and Purple Mountain Norn genes, and although she's still pretty good at taking care of herself she struggles to keep up with the energy of the Norns with superior genes.

Causty may need a little extra attention too, although she does a decent job of feeding herself. Perhaps it's just that Techie is always incredibly happy and it's only the comparison of the two Islanders.

It's too early to make a call on Bonza or Enza, but the remaining Norns all seem to be fairly well on par with taking care of themselves, which is to say about average. They'll clearly need a little attention to make sure they're eating and sleeping, but should be alright to leave for short periods of time.

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