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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Creatures 1 Gen2: Update

And what an update. I guess when you have 8 Norns running about the world plenty can happen, but it seems like so much is happening. Where do we start?

I guess we'll start with the pregnancies. In the last post both Stephanie and Enza had just fallen pregnant. Since then they've both laid eggs and everything went pretty smoothly. Both laid identical eggs which should make it interesting to tell them apart later. Strangely Enza laid her egg about a minute before Steph despite their pregnancies happening the other way round.
As you can see in the picture above, Enza took a trip over to the Island to have her egg. Bonza, not pictured here accompanied her. Apparently he too has taken to the fatherly ways.
Upon their return to the mainland there was much rejoicing, with Trillo, Totem and Redrum there to great the happy couple.
On the other side of the world Stephanie has taken some well deserved time to herself. Laying eggs can be a lot of hard work and Stephanie has chosen to relax by taken up a new hobby. Apparently the harp is so soothing it just about sends you to sleep.
Techie has remained on the Island as the keeper of the strawberry patch. He plays his saxaphone to pass the time and has become quite partial to it. Perhaps he heard somewhere plants grow better if you play them music?
I'm quite happy to announce yet another pregnancy in Albia. Causty is with child again and has already laid another egg. Unfortunately this pregnancy took place in a submarine party and I'm not sure if the father is Trillo or Totem again. Hopefully it's Trillo's first, but both had relatively low sex drives in the aftermath and I just can't tell.

Redrum stood watch as Causty laid her second egg. Regrettably he will never meet the child to spring from the egg as Redrum passed away shortly after. His later 'years' seemed much happier than his earlier life. I think he enjoyed having a world filled with Norns he could play with. The Guardian of the Strawberries gave him a mournful tune as the Grendel passed from this world.

R.I.P Redrum

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  1. Poor Redrum! Grendel deaths in C1 always seem to be steeped in sadness. At least he seemed to enjoy the latter part of his life. Lots and lots of pregnancies! My Norns have a penchant for population explosions at some points: I think they somehow know just the perfect moment when the player can't take on too much, and then all the females get together and plot their pregnancies. Sneaky, sneaky!