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Monday, February 6, 2012

Creatures 1 Gen2: More pregnancies

Things in Albia have settled into a comfortable pace. There's been a couple of new pregnancies and a couple of births, but things have been happening in a less haphazard way.

First off I want to introduce 'Minimee', the new Grendel of the world. I'm fairly sure I have the female Grendel COB installed, but Minimee is another male Grendel. The tiny Grendel sprites are amazingly cute. Minimee has taken to the Norns nicely and as you can see, they've started teaching him their language.

Next up is Mayflur's second pregnancy. As you can probably guess from the picture below, the father is Bonza again. I'm having a little trouble keeping with the number of children the males now have, but I'm pretty sure this will be Bonza's second.

Stephanie has also fallen pregnant again. Shortly after meeting Minimee Totem and Steph found a brief moment to ah, express themselves and another egg was on the way.
Astonishingly, Mayflur isn't done for this update. She and Bonza have been spending some quality time together on the Island and as a result Mayflur will soon be looking forward to her third egg!
The Norns are all sitting somewhere between three and fours hours and I've officially hit my minimum egg number for the next generation. Well, technically I had a bit of an accident and I've only got seven eggs; one of them hatched and I can tell you that Totem and Stephanie are going to be having a lovely little girl. I was rather surprised to see that she came out of her egg not needing food straight away. I've taken a quick look at her genetics and although there's some interesting stuff I can't find anything that would explain that. A shame, because that would be a fantastic genetic advantage. Hopefully I can find an explanation once I start digging into the genetics properly.

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  1. Minimee is adorable! The baby Grendel sprites are quite precious: They almost look tinier than a Norn at that age, which definitely helps with improving their image. How could something that cute and tiny be perceived as being nasty?!

    I'll be looking forward to the genetics discussion! I just hope you're not experiencing the same glitch I am, where the selected Norn gets a random infusion of starch every now and again, thereby eliminating their need to eat. I can't wait to start a new world for my next generation, and hopefully be done with glitches!