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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Creatures stories: In need of names

I've started writing my Creatures story again. It seems to happen in drips and drabs, not unlike the way I play creatures, only more infrequent :P

Anyway, when I first started writing this story I used the names of several of my own Norns and those of my friends who were also playing at the time. Sadly none of them play anymore (honestly I don't think they even play computer games anymore) and the world in my story is slowly getting bigger and bigger with more characters becoming necessary.

So what I'm after is names for some of these characters. They're not big parts in the story, often just townfolk for the Norns, warriors or scientists for the Ettins and soldiors for the Grendels. Eventually I'll even need a few extra names for some Shee. I've randomly made up some names (seriously, you'd be amazed how many names have been derived from car number plates), but I find it more meaningful when the names come from somewhere.

Keep in mind they're small parts and in many cases the Creatures will end up dying, so don't let me use names if that will upset you in any way.

If you like you could even provide a small amount of backstory for the creature and I'll see if I can factor it in somewhat. It'll undoubtedly provide extra depth to the story if the characters seem to have some small bit of history to their name.

Also, I understand there are some rather special Creatures out there. Perhaps the first ever Norn of a new breed? For example, Ron and Eve, the first ever Norn couple will eventually play a part in the story. So too will Aaron and Sandy, the Purple Mountain Norns. If people know of any of these kinds of Norns, even if they're not yours personally I'd love to know about them.

So...bring on the names!


  1. If it fits your purpose, you are more than welcome to use some iteration of Bibblita. Plenty of "backstory" there you can twist to whatever purposes you need :P

  2. You're more than welcome to use the names of any of my Norns or Grendels! Adria was my very first Norn that I started writing about, and Noric was her mate. Xodin was my first Grendel... And then the list of names just goes on and on! Good luck writing! I've been thinking of advancing my story that I started writing about during this last CCSF. I look forward to reading the continuation of your story!

    1. Thanks! I quite like all those names, so I'll try and throw them in somewhere. Out of interest, what kinds of Norns were they? May help with physical descriptions.

      I'd love to hear more on your CCSF story. I was really getting into it.

    2. Adria was a Horse/White Haired Pixie Norn mix. This post had a couple of great pictures of her! Noric was a plan Banana Norn, although he had a couple of funny pictures and stories, which can be found here. Feel free to type their names into the search bar at Discover Albia: There are many other pictures of them, along with their friends and relatives! Xodin, of course, can also be found.

      I'll be sure to try to find some time to write! I find blogging and writing Creatures stories to be similar in some ways, but very different in others. Luckily, both are very fun: Go imagination!

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